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We are professional movers who care about your furniture and treat them with care and respect. We pack our trucks delicately and efficiently, using just the right amount of furniture pads and shrink wrap to protect your valuable furniture. We ensure everything is packed very tight with padding inside the truck, like a game of tetris, because everyone knows how much of a pain Chicago streets can be and you don’t go two seconds without someone cutting you off, beeping, or you end up driving over a pothole that mysteriously appears out of nowhere. There is no better feeling that matches that of your mind at ease when your personal belongings are being professionally transported with the highest care and safety measures as well as in an expedited fashion. Affordable City Movers is based in Lincoln Park Chicago and will take care of all the heavy lifting to eliminate the stress off your shoulders during a very important transition in your life.

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Welcome to Chicago! We look forward to assisting with your important transition and you can be rest assured we have the proper tools to disassemble and reassemble your beds, computer desks, mirrors on top of dressers, or even on certain instances take down your mounted TVs along with the mounting brackets from your old place to your new one. We have the blankets pads, moving bands, straps, dollies, and everything needed for a full service move that will make sure your furniture is handled with utmost care and is 100% protected. Because we are highly trained and competent movers, we make sure your home furniture, patio furniture, appliances,  safes, pianos, and other valuable belongings make it to your new home in one peace.

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We have the confidence to say that all of our work is guaranteed to meet all of your individual moving requirements. When you have our team at your side, you will have the peace of mind knowing that all of your possessions are in good, capable hands. Each residential mover from our company specializes in both delivery and moving services, and you can be rest assured there is not a thing or object we cannot handle within a specified schedule.

The work of a residential and office mover requires training and experience as well as skill and precision when it comes to each part of the process. From the loading and transportation, to the unloading…we are always performing with the utmost caution and attention to detail, which means that we never fail to impress our clients. Safety and a timely service are at our highest priorities, so make the right choice and let us serve your moving needs.

Each house or office mover on our team has been working with the local community of Chicago IL for quite some time. We plan on maintaining them and improving them as time goes on, as our reputation is something very important to us.

If you have been planning to relocate your home or business establishment to a better place, we are here for you! Give us a call at the number listed below if you want to make sure that you are working with a reliable moving company.

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Useful Tips For Packing & Prepping Your Move In Chicago

You are prepared to make a move, however, your stuff will be staring at you in the face, softly mocking you. Packing up all your possessions is an intimidating task at hand especially if you have a large 4 bedroom home, however there are several techniques of making packing easier. These simple tips can help prepare you with little effort given versus the extreme amount of time and strain if you wait last minute. These simple tips can help you get prepared to pack and wrap all your furniture and items in an easy, effortless, and stress free manner making you prepared for your big moving day. This will allow you to focus on more important tasks, such as calling your electric and gas company to tell them to turn on utilities at your new place or making sure your dog is well fed throughout the day.

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1. Do not Procrastinate

Do not procrastinate. A couple of weeks ahead of your move, start packing a couple of boxes each day. Begin with things which are least crucial to your everyday life. If you keep yourself disciplined, you’ll be more organized and the job will not be so overpowering. Make packaging easier by not needing to begin last minute the day before and be up all night until sunrise.
2. Pack room-by-room
Concentrate on one part of an area at one time and do not combine items from different rooms in one box. This makes sure you stay organized and allows you peace of mind during the overall time of your move especially during the unload phase when you know which boxes go where and what’s inside them.
3. Packing Labels
Label rooms/items very clearly on packing labels on each side of a box. You never know if that box will be stacked underneath 5 heavy boxes and you might want to know whats inside that specific box without having to get it right away. Everybody loves labels on boxes at the end of the move when they are unpacking.
4. Utilize Packing Paper
Packing paper helps keep all of your valuable items that are fragile in a good condition where it won’t break. It will cause your items to remain safe with no scratches or cracks in case of bumps during the move.
5. Utilize boxes constructed for moving.
Boxes obtained from grocery or liquor stores aren’t always clean and may not hold the weight of those valuables which you’ll be placing in them. Also, changing box dimensions may make loading more difficult or easier depending on the type of boxes you are using. Just make sure when you are packing up whatever kind of boxes you deemed fit, to pack the boxes fully without leaving space. Every box should be able to be stacked on by 5 other boxes without collapsing. We stack boxes from floor to ceiling in the truck and prefer not to deal with collapsing boxes for customers sake. For good discounts on boxes, please check out these moving boxes at home depot.
6. Know what you can not package
Understand what you can not pack. Some frequent household items can not be shipped since they’re hazardous when packed and shipped in a moving truck. For example, no flammable items, liquids, open alcohol bottles, pets, etc.
7. Moving valuables
Do not box everything up. Make packaging simpler by figuring out what does not have to get packed and what is your essentials. Your responsible for valuable such as your passport, drivers license, and social security cards. These should always be handled by the client as well as any pets.

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Moving Tips for Chicago Residents

Moving into a new house is an exciting time! You’re starting a journey of new neighbors, new decorating, and new memories. Before you get there, however, you have to pack up your old residence and make the actual move. This process can be very daunting, especially if you have a multitude of boxes and furniture to relocate to your new house or apartment. Luckily we’ve come up with some tips that can make your move run a little smoother.

Tip 1: Consider calling in the expert movers.

Yes, you might have been able to move out of your apartment on your own. And yes, you might have been able to switch condos without calling in extra help. But moving into a new house and transferring all the items and furniture you’ve accumulated is a colossal task that is tricky and stressful to do all on your own. For this reason, you might want to consider calling some professional movers in Chicago to help you with your move. It’s an added expense to the already expensive experience of moving, but it will make your life easier as you begin your journey in your new home. When you hire professional movers, we like to do the brunt of the work for you, which can include everything from packing, to appliance removal, to furniture moving. It’s our job to be experts at moving, so you can rest easier knowing we will transport all your prized items safely and reliably to your new home. On the other hand, if you do all the moving yourself, you are piling up a mountain of stress that could make the move a nightmare. Are you prepared to carry and arrange your boxes in the truck so they fit perfectly? Are you prepared to move your furniture around corners and down steps without scratching them or dropping them on the ground? If not, you should do yourself a favor and hire an expert mover in Chicago such as Affordable City Movers.

Tip 2: Be picky when choosing a moving company.

You have options when hiring residential movers in Chicago. Because the city is so massive, there are numerous companies willing to help you with your move. The large number of companies leads to a lot of competition, which means betters prices and more specialized services for you, the customer. When shopping around for a moving company, make sure to get different quotes with a breakdown of the services the companies will provide. This will make it easier to compare various local movers in Chicago and identify the best value. The large number of moving companies in urban areas also means you can be pickier when choosing the right moving companies in Chicago. You can specifically search for house movers in Chicago, which will lead you to moving companies that specialize in home residential moving as opposed to office or commercial moving services. Companies also might specialize in local versus long distance moving, so this is another item you’ll want to look into before making a decision on a mover. No matter what, just make sure you do your due diligence because there is times where you will come across not so legit moving companies who may damage your valuables. Just remember how the saying goes, you get what you pay for…if it sounds to good to be true, then usually it is.

Tip 3: Communicate with your moving company.

Once you’ve hired a moving company, it’s very important to communicate with them and be up front with them about your desires. Make sure you and your moving company are on the same page about when they’ll show up and what needs to be prepared beforehand. Also make sure the movers have the correct addresses for where they’ll be taking your items. If you’re doing all the packing on your own, make sure it’s finished and that your boxes are in order by the specified time. When the movers show up, be sure to communicate with them about your furniture and other household items. If you have an antique desk that needs to be transported very carefully, don’t forget to tell the movers about it. If the drawers of a dresser fall out easily when it’s carried, make sure to tell them that, too. Once the movers have arrived at your new house, condo, or apartment and have started to unload all your stuff, communicate with them and tell them where you’d like the items to go. That way you won’t have to do as much shuffling and moving of items later when you’re in the midst of unpacking.

Finally, moving into a new house is no easy task, but it can be made less stressful if you do your research and have a game plan before you make your move. Hopefully following some of these tips will make the house-moving process less of a drain so that you can quickly settle into your new residence and enjoy the excitement of living in a new home.