When it comes to moving offices in Chicago, everything may seem exciting to overwhelming. Whether you’re moving a couple blocks away or miles away, moving into a bigger or smaller office environment can be very daunting. You have to worry about packaging, staying organized, where you’ll put everything and the amount of time that is being provided for the move. You’ll find yourself cutting corners by trying to do everything yourself, which will only create more work in the end. Although the process can be very infiltrating, we have prepared a list of tips to ensure a stress-free office move.

  • Tip #1 Plan Ahead

The simplest way to have a stress-free move is by planning a couple months before the move occurs. Also, keep in mind that having a layout of where everything and everyone will go would be a severe amount of help when it comes to packing up certain furniture and devices and appointing employees to certain tasks. This will help you figure out the needs for your office like new equipment or furniture and even some possible upgrades. Once you have finished labeling the layout, make a copy presentable to employees so that they’ll have the opportunity to plan for their new spaces ahead of time.

  • Tip #2 Find a Great Office Moving Company

When searching for Chicago office movers keep in mind that it is commonly recommended to hire a commercial-moving company 2-3 months in advance. While searching you’ll want to look for companies that have had previous experience in commercial moving and have them provide you with an on-site quote for your move. Although the office moving process is complicated, cost won’t be your only consideration. While searching look for companies that are efficient and reliable, look into the service quality that will be provided for your move. Take in the fact that what movers provide on paper may look the same, but how they work makes a huge difference.

  • Tip #3 Stay Organized

In the process of moving into your new office, appoint your employees’ certain tasks and make sure every employee is using moving labels on their boxes. If your office is large and consists of different levels, a great idea to stay organized is to color-code each floor and the employees on that floor. For instance, when your employees are packaging their individual belongings, have them place their names on the outside of the boxes so that the office movers will efficiently place them in the correct locations. This will save you plenty of time when getting settled in and easy for everyone to access.

  • Tip #4 Prioritize your IT Department

One of the major aspects of moving into your new office space is having to disconnect and reconnect all things technical like phone connections, internet plans, computer data, equipment, etc.. Give your IT department a notice of the changes that will be occurring in order for them to evaluate the spaces and let you know ahead of time what upgrades will be needed and what won’t be needed anymore. Once you have an idea, place an order for all the new equipment and furniture for your office at least 2 months prior to the move but have them shipped off to your new address. By the time your office begins unpacking everything will be settled.

  • Tip #5 Update mailing address

As soon as you learn of the address of your new office, ensure that clients know about the offices’ relocation, update all business cards, letterheads, and other public material a week or two before the move. Also, don’t forget to update any other online sources with your new address like your website, online listings, suppliers or vendors to make sure all mail and future deliveries go to your address. Make sure that you update your address a couple of weeks before the move so that when the move occurs everything will be in place.

  • Tip #6 Scheduling Appropriately

Although your office will be in the moving process of packaging all the equipment and furniture, your office task must not be put aside. A solution to this frequent issue is by giving your employees’/ staff a time period with at least three days without any major deadlines or client meetings. Once you have a moving date established, plan accordingly.

Moving offices in Chicago can be complicated, but once you find a great Chicago moving company it will minimize the hassle without disruptions. Also by planning well in advance as much as you can will help your move be less stressful for everyone in your office.

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