Packing up your Chicago home and getting ready to move can be a lot of work, even if you hire professional home movers to help. There’s a lot to think about, and it can seem overwhelming when you look around at all the things you need to pack. One of the most difficult rooms to pack is the bathroom. You can’t start packing your bathroom items too early because you will use many of them until the very day you move. Additionally, there are also lots of small items in a bathroom that can easily get lost during them move. However, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task – follow these tips and tricks for how to pack your bathroom to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible when you are moving homes.

  • Don’t be afraid to purge – this is a great time to discard unwanted items rather than waste time packing them and unpacking them in your new home, only for them to remain unused. If you have makeup items that you no longer use, throw them out. If you have medications that have expired or you don’t need, ensure that you dispose of them properly. Most local pharmacies have drop boxes where you can discard your unwanted medications.
  • Don’t pack items you will need during the move – if you are moving interstate or using long distance movers, you’ll want to make sure your important toiletries don’t end up on the truck! Use a separate box or bag to pack everything from the bathroom that you would normally take on a trip with you, and make sure you have it clearly labeled or placed somewhere where your local home moving service won’t accidentally load it onto the truck.
  • Be careful packing liquids – A lot of bathroom items tend to be liquids, many of which may have already been opened. It’s important to prevent these items from leaking as they could affect not only the other contents of the box they are in, but also potentially leak through into other boxes, causing all kinds of mayhem to your precious belongings! To ensure these items don’t leak, wrap them in plastic wrap or place each item in its own plastic bag, then place them upright in the box. You may also want to line the box itself with plastic wrap or some other sort of plastic lining. If possible, place some absorbent material in the box to soak up anything that does leak (even a towel will help). Finally, make sure you label the box with “liquids”, and “this way up” – a leak is more likely to occur if the box is turned upside down or on its side.
  • Clearly label all your boxes in detail (you’ll thank yourself later) – While it may seem easier to simply pack your boxes and seal them up, your unpacking will be much simpler if your boxes are thoroughly labeled. Label boxes with both the room that the items belong in, as well as a description of what’s in the box. Remember that unpacking takes around three times longer than packing, so you’ll want to save yourself as much time as possible at the other end. Some people use a number system, where they write the number on a box and then keep a separate list of what is in box number 1, 2, 3 etc., rather than writing the contents on the boxes themselves. It can also be helpful to color-code each box based on the room it belongs to.
  • Use small boxes for small items – Bathrooms usually contain more small items than any other room in your house. Placing small items in a large box increases the likelihood that they will get lost, and makes them harder to find when you are unpacking as they may fall to the bottom, below the larger items. Instead, use a smaller box (such as a shoebox) for your smaller items, and keep small items together. This will also prevent your smaller bathroom items from being crushed by larger objects, keeping them safer during the move and making your unpacking a breeze.

Hopefully, with these tips in mind you’ll be able to pack up your bathroom efficiently and ensure that your whole move goes as smoothly as possible. Remember – packing is the easy part, so do everything you can to make life easier when you do reach your destination!

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